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About Us


D.A.G.S. was established in 2011 by its founder Marianne Bond. Marianne, a retired nurse, spent over 40 years as a nurse manager in London specialising in dementia. In 2008 she moved to Lanark and noted that there was a need for support for families with a member who had a diagnosis of dementia. With the support of a healthy £500 from Marianne's workforce in London, and along with Diana McDonald (vice chair), D.A.G.S. was born. With our combined experience (all of our volunteers have experience in caring for someone with dementia) we offer dementia friendly reminiscence, activities and music therapy. We are also able to offer moral and practical support for the carer, or point them in the direction of suitable support. Volunteers are always required at the meetings. Should you wish to become a volunteer, we'd be delighted to hear from you.